William F. Cody Scholarship

“The Papers of William F. Cody Project,” housed at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming,  aims to identify and make available a wide variety of materials about Buffalo Bill and his Wild West. The digital collection will include memoirs and autobiographies, correspondence, business records, published and unpublished writings, photographs, video and audio recordings, promotional and Wild West material and newspaper and magazine articles. The series of print publications will expand beyond the existing body of scholarly works about Buffalo Bill by analyzing and discussing the Wild West tours’ impact overseas and filling in significant gaps in the literature.

As the Associate Editor for the European tours of the Wild West, my primary responsibilities are:

  • managing the collecting activities in Europe
  • translating and commenting on archival material from a variety of European sources
  • researching and describing the impact of William F. Cody’s European tours through print and digital publications
  • editing and annotating documents for the Editorial Management System and upload to the archive
  • facilitating transnational partnerships
  • assisting in the organization of scholarly conferences

Access the William F. Cody Archive

Access the Cody Studies Website


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