New employment!

In a lucky turn of events, I was able to get myself hired, not for one, but for two jobs. Going from a stay-at-home-mom (more or less, with a public lecture on the side and a dissertation to revise for publishing) to a full-time university employee is going to change life for me and my family dramatically!

From now on, you will find me teaching a German class (!) every morning. I would have laughed obnoxiously at you if you had told me 2 months ago that this was going to happen, but since I am a native speaker and a language instructor for English, I guess I am somewhat pre-qualified for this. I’m looking forward to being back on campus, and even though it is not a history classroom, it will be nice nevertheless to be teaching again.

Secondly, I was hired as the primary researcher and exhibit curator for the University of Wyoming’s new Gateway Center. We will be installing an exhibit featuring the history of the University and its notable alumni. I am excited to be working with a technology company that has already developed an exhibit design that includes over 2 million dollars worth of digital equipment. I will be digging through the American Heritage Center’s extensive archival collections as well as those of the University of Wyoming Library and put together an exhibit worthy of the awesome space that the University of Wyoming is building for its students!


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